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MAXX Real Time Pain Relief Cream

MAXX has 1.5% Menthol and we used peppermint oil – the combination creates a natural freezing sensation that is equivalent to the “Freeze” products that include 3.5%-10% menthol.

The best part is with only 1.5% menthol you don’t have the potential long-term health risks. Real Time MAXX contains a powerful blend of effective ingredients that get the job done when it comes to severe pain. MAXX gives you targeted, safe, fast acting pain relief that gets you pain free within minutes.

Item Details

Real Time MAXX quickly absorbs so you feel the relief deep and fast without a sticky residue. MAXX is the working mans best friend.

Real Time Pain Relief MAXX:

* Works in Minutes
* Non-Greasy
* Powerful Pain Relief
* Works when nothing else does!

1.5 Oz Tube - $10.00
3.3 Oz Tube - $20.00
4oz Tube - $20.00
7 oz Tube - $30.00
12 Oz Pump - $40.00
16 oz Pump - $60.00


$USD 10.00

Payment and Shipping

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