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Sports Cream Pain Relief Cream

**Less Menthol** To Prevent Pain Masking during workouts. It is no secret that most topical sports creams use extremely high levels of menthol in order to mask your pain. The problem is that when pain is masked, it can easily allow you do more damage without knowing and this can lead to long-term physical problems.

There is a growing amount of scientific evidence that suggests high levels of menthol can cause a build up in Substance P in joints and throughout the body, resulting in chronic pain. Due to the amount of applications that athletes use, we have reduced the menthol to about half of the 1% we use in Real Time PAIN RELIEF.

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The ALL NEW Real Time SPORTS Cream caters to the specific needs of the active body by delivering fast, sweat resistant pain relief during workout routines and throughout the duration of recovery time.

1.5oz - $10.00
4oz Sport Pump - $20.00
12 Oz Sport Pump - $40.00


$USD 10.00

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